Turkish Handmade Mosaic 9 Globe Spiral Chandelier

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The difference is in the process. Our traditionally made mosaics begin with the skilled artisans that are at the soul of every light. 

Each mosaic begins with a thick glass globe & sheets of hand cut colorful glass.  A pattern is selected then methodically laid by a master pattern maker. This is how traditional mosaics have been made for centuries & that tradition carries on today.

Our simple but smartly designed frames are constructed as one piece so that you only need to slide the globes into place.  


  • Large size globe - 6in W x 4in H.
  • Total chandelier length 57in H x 11.5in W
  • Energy saving bulb 8 watts
  • Standard light bulb 7-25 watts
  • Bulb size: E12 (US & CAD)   E14 (EU & UK)