Payments Shipping & Returns



While we use PayPal to process our payments, you do not  need a PayPal account to make a purchase.

"Guest checkout" allows you to purchase without signing into a PayPal account. Select the  "guest checkout" option to complete your order.

I don't use PayPal. What else you got?!

We've used it since our inception. It's a well established & widely accepted option for processing payments online. It also offers buyer-protection safeguards so that if there is a problem with your order, PayPal works on behalf of the buyer to resolve the issue.   That's why it's the only option for us!

We ship worldwide from Istanbul Turkey. 

Why we use express shipping?

....Because we've seen the outcome of using standard shipping services for glass goods.   And it often results in the tragic end of a lengthy journey.  

We ship with UPS & DHL and orders arrive to your door within 3-4 business days. Once your order is shipped we provide a tracking number that you can use track the exact arrival date of you delivery. It's that simple

 Why Not Standard Shipping (PTT Posta)

Turkey's standard postal service takes approximately 2-4 weeks to deliver overseas packages. In that time, your order can pass through several countries, multiple check points & customs handlers that can open your package before it even reaches its final destination. So while it is cheaper, it may cost you in the end.

Better service 

Express shipping carriers calculate costs (in Dollars), by the volume & weight of each box. It's more costly however, your order spends a fraction of the time traveling while greatly reducing the chance of damage & mishandling. 

 Return & Exchange Policy

RETURNS: If you are dissatisfied with your product you can return your order within 30 days of purchase. Just let us know. Shipping costs for returns are paid by the customer.  Customers will be refunded for the cost of the purchase minus the shipping costs. 

While we use PayPal to process our payments, you do not  need a PayPal account to make a purchase. 

Guest checkout allows you to checkout without signing into a PayPal account Select the  "guest checkout" option & PayPal will process your payment & complete your order. 


Custom Orders

We work closely with customer to ensure that each detail & specification from every custom order is executed to the "T". In addition, we send photos of completed custom order prior to shipping.  As a result all sales on custom items are final.