Below are 10 of our most frequently asked questions

 If your question isn't covered  here, please send us a message using our contact form or contact us directly through WhatsApp. We answer within 24 hours.

1. Are these lights compatible with U.S. standards?

 Yes. Our lights are compatible with U.S. electrical lighting standards.  Each light conducts electricity on 110-220 volt capacity. 

2. Do I need any additional hardware for installation? 

Depending on your home, you may require a crossbar with collar loop kit which can be purchased from Amazon, Lowes & Home Depot for about $7-$12. 

 3. Where are you located & where are your products made?

Our products are made right here in Istanbul Turkey & shipped worldwide We are located steps from the famous Grand Bazaar. Our workshop is located in a historical  "Han". During the Ottoman Empire, Hans provided lodging for tradesmen & traveling caravans & their livestock.  Think of an ancient hotel

4. Can I send you pictures of the design or item I want? I don't see it in your shop.

Absolutely.  Feel free to contact us about lighting or Turkish goods that you are interested in but don't see in our shop.  We are at the center of the trade district many things are accessible.

5. How big are the ceiling canopies on the chandeliers?  

For standard chandeliers canopies are approximately 3.5" inches in diameter. For large chandeliers 5 inches.  

6. When will I receive my order?

Our items are made to order so that they are made for you. Orders are shipped in 1-10 business days of ordering.  And they take 2-4 business days to arrive to your door.

***Special or Custom orders are determined based on lead time.  We stay in touch throughout the process with updates and send a tracking number once the order has been shipped. 

7I found the item I love but can I select my own globes? 

Yes! select from our collection to customize your chandelier or send us a photo of the globe you want. 

8. What size bulbs do I need & can I find them in my country?

  •  USA & Canadian customers:  E12 bulbs 7-25 watts. LED bulbs are recommended
  • EU & UKcustomers:  E14 bulbs 7-25 watts.  LED bulbs are recommended  
  • Large Single Hanging Pendant Lights:  standard size E27/ E26 bulb up to 40watts.   LED bulbs are recommended.

9I have sloped, vaulted or low ceilings.  Can you adjust the length of this fixture to accommodate the height of my ceiling? 

Yes, we can.  To find out if the light you are interested in can be adjusted, send us an email today. Our lights are also right for sloped ceilings.

10. I like these fixtures, but I didn't necessarily want a hard-wired light fixture. Can you convert these lights to outlet plug-in?  

Yes, our chandeliers & light fixtures can be outfitted for outlet plug- in.   It will come with 2 meters of cord, simple chain link and an on/off switch.  For additional information, send us an email today.

Bonus: Why we left Etsy.

Well we outgrew their " craft maker" platform. So it was time to move on.  Having established a brand, we also knew it was time to branch out & think bigger!