Replacement Globes


Life happens. We know you didn't mean to do it.

We often receive emails from people all over the world who have brought a Turkish chandelier 10 years ago or even 2 months ago who've had a little "mishap" with one of their glass globes.   No worries, the great thing about our light fixtures is that they are not seasonal.

That means we can replace glass globes from 10 years ago or 2 weeks ago, whether you brought it from us or not!    Send us an email with a pic of the globe(s) you need replaced and we'll let you know how quickly we can get a new one to your door. 

​Refresh your decor

 Every home is unique & reflects the personality of each home owner. So when it's time for a home decor redesign we've got you covered.

Our chandelier frames can be paired with any globe in our catalog. So you can change from colorful mosaic globes in the summer to our clear, beveled, blowing glass in the winter. You can literally have a set of globes for every season.  To find out more send us an email today.