FILIGREE & BLOWN Glass Turkish Handmade Mosaic 5 Globe Chandelier

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Our Filigree Collection is crafted from a combination of copper and blown glass.

Each frame is made with delicate copper threads that are reworked 100% by hand and formed into intricate scroll work. Dozens of fılıgree pıeces are sodered together wıth a hand torch to create one chandelıer.

Our globes are made from blown glass. We use hand-cut colored mosaıc glass as well as glass beads to create the pattern. ( we do not use painted glass or plastic beads) The mosaıc glass and beads are applied piece by piece using glass silicon adhesive & fınıshed wıth a whıte cement wash.

To learn more about what makes this frame is so special follow this link:

Total dimensions of the chandelier with globes:

Width - 30cm ( approx. 11 inches )
Length - 110cm ( approx. 43 inches )
Total weight - approx. 12 lbs
globe sıze: 4in W x 6in H


Bulb size - E12 (US & CAD)
Bulb size - E14 (UK & EU)

Energy saving bulb (LED) 8 watts
Standard light bulb 7-25 watts