This Woman's Work


Did you know that each  Turkish mosaic pattern is made by “freehand?”

There’re no measuring tools used in laying mosaic tiles for accuracy.  Each one is completely created by memory, sight or instruction & mostly by women.

While we were on Etsy, we noticed that many mosaic shops describe their workers as “mostly housewives” but how can you be a housewife if you work?

But it is true…… most of the skilled hands that create these beautiful mosaic patterns for Turkish mosaic lights, are women who juggle the demands of motherhood, homes, husbands….and work

 Atölyeler (workshops) are also family spaces.

 Mosaic pattern work requires precision, practice & patience.  And these women are the masters. 

Many times, small children are brought to work because “daycare” is not typical in the culture. So, these workshops often become family places.  You are called “Abla, Kızım or Canım” (big sister, daughter & my dear) respectively, by your co-workers. And children are cared for by all.

And when the workday is done, these ladies return home to finish and begin the tasks that await them there.

So let's give credit where credit is due because we know that this is a man's world... but it would be nothing without the women or the girls.










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