Have Big Shoulders

In the USA the expression having big shoulders means: To be able or willing to accept multiple demands and responsibilities.

We recently posted a reel on Instagram  about Turkish "Hammals" the porters who move the money around town. 

A walk around Istanbul Eminönü's Historic district near the famous Grand bazar  will reveal men up to 70 years old transporting up to 250 pounds of merchandise on their backs & by hand carts.

Most of us can't even do a pull-up at the gym. So why would anyone do this? Simple, because cars can't.

Streets are narrow, crowded & blocked off to traffic. So these guys spend 10-12 hours a day transporting millions of dollars in commodities throughout the hilly business district while dodging tourists groups, baby strollers & thousands of toes in scorching heat and freezing temps - seamlessly.

It's backbreaking work with few financial guarantees. But they connect commerce in the district & are therefore highly respected, Hats off to the Hammals. With all due respect, we see you. 

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