A Tale of Too (many) Mosaic Makers

We recently had a very upset customer reach out to us about an 11 globe chandelier. 

She purchased her light from another vendor & she was extremely unhappy with the quality. "The globes were cheaply put together & nothing like they were online." was what she wrote.

What's worse? They told her that they were the same company as us. And that they make our products as well.  Don't be fooled, some vendors will say anything to make the sale.

Istanblue Design is independently operated and owned by Yasin & myself.  We respond to each customer inquiry by email, whatsapp or phone call. We take and fulfill your orders ourselves. We do not work in partnership with other vendors 

 And while many mosaic vendors can take and ship your order in 2-3 days, our processing time is at least 7-10 business days because we make our mosaic glass balls to order.

That means you are not receiving mosaics that look "Thrown together"  or have been collecting dust for a year on a sales floor. Or low quality glass & frames that wouldn't be sold to in-store customers. 

So before you get stuck with globes of poor workmanship, sloppy lines & rusty frames,  ask the right  questions to avoid being dissatisfied.  ~Tessa~


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